Rank Engine for Minecraft Servers

The website's purpose is to rank Minecraft servers worldwide and allow anyone to add their server to the listing. All server ranks depends on how many votes each server has. If you are a Minecraft player and looking for a server to play on this is the website for you. We list many popular servers. No matter if you are looking for a economy, faction or an other type of server, we can assure you we got servers in our toplist that match your desires.

Find A Server

It's easy to find a server using our website. By looking at our toplist you can easy understand which servers are popular and then join them. If you are looking for a specific server, maybe a roleplay server, it's easy to search for only roleplay servers as we manage all servers in different game types. Simply search for the game type you like and find all servers within that category.

Add Your Server To The List

If you are a server owner and haven't yet added your server to the list, we suggest you to do it now. It is a great way to get new members to your server and it doesn't take more than just a few minutes to do it.