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Here you can find all different types of Minecraft servers. We have got all categories you can possibly think of to make the search easier for you. Everyday our list is visited by an average of 7681 unique visitors. Yep, you heard that right. Most of these people come here to find a server to play on while some come here to add their own server to the server list.

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Advanced Searching Tool

No more must you spend countless of hours to search for your dream server. Instead, use our advanced searching tool. By using it you can find out things such as servers using your favorite server plugins, search by categories and lots of other handy stuff. You can also use it to find where your friends are playing at this very moment.

We Are Different & Better

MinePick is always striving to become better. Just during this last month we have undergone two major updates in hope to bring more users to our website. We are also planning to do a bunch of more updates in the nearby future to bring more happiness to our current users and attract new visitors.