Auction for Sponsored Banner Display on MinePick

Current Date/Time is 01/15/2013 11:27 pm PST

Every month runs an AUCTION on-site for 5 Sponsored Banner spots on its server list. When the auction ends, top 5 bids are chosen and the respective server owners are contacted for payment. Once the payment process is completed, the chosen banners are displayed as SPONSORED BANNERS.

Please note that sponsored banners are displayed very prominently and is always at the top of our List. This is for a period of 30 days. So, for a small amount you can enjoy a slice of the top-postion of Minepick's Server List for a month. That would definitely translate to a dramatic increase in the footfalls on your server.

Previous Auction

ID#DetailsMin. BidEntriesStatus
AUC-0000021From 11/13/2012 02:00 am till 11/14/2012 05:51 am$20.006Closed

Previous Toppers

1hexa$50.0011/14/2012 02:47 am
2sdsd$30.0011/14/2012 02:46 am
3craftium$21.0011/14/2012 02:45 am
4john zd test$20.0011/14/2012 02:42 am
5johnzen test auction$20.0011/14/2012 02:43 am

Bidding is closed on this one!