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Family Friendly Minecraft Servers

We have decided to share with you all family friendly servers we can find out there. The reason to why we haven’t created this category in our main server list is because we don’t monitor it as heavily as it would require to let people automatically submit their server to the kid friendly server list. That’s why we instead want to collect and share such servers here in a blog post.

What qualifies a family friendly server is that there should be an active admin base on the server. Admins should be parents or alike to make sure maturity and fairness is high when usage of admin commands. The server should also use protection plugins to make sure nobody loses their creations. It is also extremely important servers we list here monitor no creeps are on. Therefore the access to private chats/personal messaging should be limited.

If you feel you want your family friendly server added to the list you are welcome to contact us with information about your server.

This server offers many different game styles. Some of them are PvP, minigames and survival. Even though it’s fairly new they work hard to make sure the standards are high. They currently have a good staff monitoring the happenings on the server.

Popular Minecraft Hunger Games Server Section

Not long ago we opened up multiple new sections on MinePick. One of these which have gotten most popular the last week is the Hunger Games section. It’s really understandable because it sure is one unique and fun type of server to play on. However, not everyone is familiar with what it actually is and therefore I thought I would take some of my time to explain in this blog post what it is and how you can play it.

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