4 Well Known Games Recreated in Minecraft

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Minecraft is a fantastic game because it’s packed with so many hidden features there are yet to discover. The game doesn’t require skills in terms of gaming. Anyone with 20-30 bucks and an average computer can get the game and play it. It’s marvelous how simple the game appears to be and yet very fun once you get started and realize the endless possibilities. As we mentioned the game is packed with a whole lot of features and most of them are for you to discover on your own as you progress throughout the game.

One of the many advantages of Minecraft is that you decide what you want to do, instead of having to follow pre-generated missions and objectives. The purpose of the game is basically doing what you enjoy doing. Maybe you at some point dreamt of creating your own game but never felt that you had the ability to do so? No worries. In Minecraft you can develop your own game and make it look just the way you want. All this is done inside the game while playing it. The key to be able to do this is to know how to use the red stone elements in-game. It’s really easy to learn and it shouldn’t take too long for you to make some progress. We have decided to take a look at four well known games which have been created inside Minecraft throughout the years. We hope this is an inspiration for you to start making your own games. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Team Fortress 2 (Minecraft version)

As in the original game, there are two set of teams, each with one mission. One is to capture control points, and the other to defend two points from the opposing team until the time runs out. The main thing that makes this Minecraft version awesome is the fact that no mods or plugins are required to play it. It’s possible to use a texture pack specifically created for it to get the maxed Team Fortress 2 feeling, but it’s not a requirement. The map is free and can be downloaded for everybody to use. It’s very much alike Team Fortress 2 to the extent of features you can expect in a Minecraft version. It’s absolutely worth trying out and play with a couple of friends as it’s actually quite fun.

MineZ (based on DayZ)

MineZ is a server modification based on the very popular zombie and survival game DayZ (DayZ is an Arma 2 mod). There are many similarities to DayZ in MineZ. You can find same type of spawns, buildings and terrain but in Minecraft’s blocky style. The main goal in both games are to survive and to achieve this you must loot villages for food, water, bandages and other necessities in a zombie apocalypse. Multiple changes has been done to how the original Minecraft works. Two examples of what these changes include are an increasement of zombies speed and a bar on your screen showing how likely you are to attract zombies. All in all I think it is a great attempt and the likenesses are quite many. The only downfall I could find is that the gameplay differs some compared to DayZ as I believe it’s way harder to survive as the resources to food, water and other medical items are way more limited which I believe is the key to create an exciting surival game.

Portal 2 (Minecraft version)

Portal is a game where you have to think your way through complex missions. The concept is pretty much get from point A to point B, but of course a bit more sophisticated than that. The concept in the Minecraft version is very much alike. You can use your portal device just the same way and make your way through several levels. As it’s a mod only modifying the game functions you can create your own maps and play others giving you a never ending Portal game.

Pong (Minecraft version)

We all know Pong. It’s probably one of the most well known games out there. There have been tons of recreations, modifications and updates of the game but all usually follow the same concept. In this Minecraft version of Pong you can play against your friend and also against a wall as training. Two things that are a huge plus are the point counting system and the slick player controls. As a total impression I think it’s a nice Pong game with a neat and beautiful design.