40 Extremely Realistic Minecraft Builds

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Here we will share with you some of the most amazing builds ever created in Minecraft. We have tried focusing on builds which haven’t been mentioned too often but still got that epic quality you would expect in a collection of 40 extremely realistic Minecraft builds. Sit back and enjoy the showcase!

gatesofimmortal gatesofimmortal2Gates of Immortal is a project started and finished by one person. In four months he managed to create this astonishing creation. So much planning and thinking must have gone into this incredible build.

empirepolis0 empirepolis1Empirepolis is an enormous city getting its inspiration only from American cities. A few places where inspiration taken from is Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Chicago.

newyorkEven though this project of New York City 1940 is far from being finished this piece of current buildings created makes a real amazing impression and the end result will by no doubt be pretty damn awesome.

lossantosOnly a small fraction of the Los Santos (a city in San Andreas inspired by Los Angeles) has yet been created, but once it’s finished it’s believed to be one of the most awesome cities out there. If you are like me a fan of GTA, this surely will amaze you too!

brovilleThe creators of Broville are already known of releasing some really impressive versions of Broville in the past. This is a huge upgrade of what we have seen before. The attention to detail is astonishing and the time put in creating something like this must be long.

greatcheeseA rather unique creation. It’s a house interior being recreated in Minecraft. The details are amazing.

keralisWorld of Keralis is a huge world including several cities. The above is an overview of one part of the world. As you can see the structures and very realistic and the city planning pretty cool too.

futuristic-cityA futuristic city on an island consisting of an unversity, a stadium, residential areas and other cool buildings. The project took one year to complete and this is the final result.

fallenkingdomFallen Kingdom was a build created in two months. It’s really a beautiful type of castle.

volcanoAn exploding volcano.

adamantisThe City of Adamantis is an old-looking city with some genious arcitecture. It even got its own system for aqueducts.


mattupolis2Many parts in Mattupolis is inspired by areas in New York. There are many different types of buildings in the city. For example, you can find an IKEA store.

spaceshuttleA quite unique build compared to what we have seen before. It’s a cool space shuttle!

hotelThe Ceranese Hotel is a highly detailed luxurios hotel build. What makes this build even more cool is that the elevators, lights and similar devices are 100% functional.


elivionmanor2Elivion Manor is a modern styled villa and as you probably understand - very luxurious.

skyjackingThis project is called Skyjacking and looks really like a real life airplane.

oldcastleAn old grand castle.

londoneyeRecognize this ferris wheel? No wonders. It’s the London Eye!

imperialcityImperial City is an ongoing project active for more than a year. The architecture style is inspired by the 19th century and early 20th century.



Details are everything in Minecraft and this house really proves it. The attention to detail is incredible.


battleshipsTwo incredible battleships.

downtownNighttime in downtown New Crafton.


A project made by a group of friends. It’s a city called Rosavia City and it was built block by block - no software editing program here, no.

unlimitedcityprojectUCP, short for Unlimited City Project, made by two people who set out a goal to create an awesome and immense modern city unlike any other. And that they really managed to do, it’s really an amazing city and they got no doubt some pretty awesome design skills.

eiffeltowerYou all probably recognize this one - it’s the Eiffel Tower in Paris (or in Minecraft!).

maikuraMaikura is a project where the creators tries to implement Japanese architecture in the creation of a huge city. Even though it’s hard getting the Japan-feeling here since it isn’t entirely finished yet and don’t offer a whole lot of images it’s still a really cool city.

castleA 19th century castle.

theimperialwinterpalaceThe Imperial Winter Palace is a creation inspired by the Palace of Justice in Brussels.

luxuriouslivingA very compact and modern looking luxurious house.

manhattanManhattan in New York City.

nySome really cool buildings in a city inspired by New York.

hrfHigh Rossferry City is a huge city with some incredible buildings as you can see in the image above. None really look the same and it is what makes this a fantastic build.

italianvillaAn Italian village with gardens of grapes.

elmesAn old looking school called St. Elmes School. For being a quite simplistic build it still looks quite impressive.

carnivalvictoryA replica of a real life ship with 13 decks.

guntanaThis is a city called Guntana. It’s a very thought through city with many things which you would find in any other larger city. For example, you will be able to find a subway system and a residential area once it’s finished.

wwiitankA German tank from World War II.

modernA beautifully designed house which can be found in the well known building project World of Keralis.

rvMinecraft RV: Perhaps not the normal build you see in Minecraft, but it is quite cool you got to admit!

courtmereA majestic palace in Minecraft.