A blog - what for?

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This is a question you may ask yourself. Why in the world would MinePick need their own blog. All they do is listing servers. There you are wrong. The main thing we are doing is listing Minecraft servers but we also want to create related content about MinePick’s features and Minecraft that can help you while using our site and playing Minecraft.

First and foremost we will offer guides that relates to our site. One such topic we’ll soon be posting is how to install Votifier. Votifier is a great plugin and it’s too bad not every server uses it as it really brings a lot of activity to the list and you’ll have a greater opportunity on gaining more votes. And as you may be aware of more votes on MinePick will get you higher rankings.

We will also offer you topics related to Minecraft. It can really be anything as long it relates to Minecraft. We will mostly offer guides but also some shows off if we find something we want to share with you and we feel like you must see because of its awesomness.

It’s great you found this site and we hope you will come back soon!