Choosing A Website System for Your Minecraft Servers

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A while back I created a post to show and share with you guys a Minecraft WordPress theme I had created. I know some of you have downloaded it and I really hope you got some good use out of it. I’ve noticed something recently and it’s that some owners who register their server on MinePick doesn’t have a website yet. In this post I thought I would share with you how to create a website for specifically for Minecraft. I will mainly have a look at the two most common alternatives; Enjin and WordPress.


Enjin is a free website solution specifically made for Minecraft servers along with other games. The best thing about Enjin is that it offers an easy to use content management system and specific Minecraft plugins, such as DonationCraft which makes the process of letting your players donate for perks in-game easier than never before. All in all it’s an easy to use website which offers a lot of options in editing the system to fit your needs.


WordPress is a free web software you can use to create your own website. Currently it’s one of the most commonly systems used by web developers to create websites for smaller companies as well as for huge corporations. If you want to have more control of your website this is the way to go. It does require more knowledge than Enjin as it doesn’t offer any direct support by Minecraft plugins. Most of it you will have to configure and manage yourself in order for it to fit your needs. To get an idea what WordPress looks like, just have a look at this blog. MinePick uses WordPress for the blog content.