Contest: Design A Logo for MinePick (closed)

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For a long while MinePick has been using the same old logotype. Actually, for a period of time we used to have an other logotype, but it was changed for this new one when I updated the design of MinePick.

MinePick needs a new logo. As I am not a good designer I thought I’d ask you Minecrafters and see if anyone would be interested in creating a logo for the website. As I don’t like limits myself I have decided not to have any specific requirements.

MinePick is a website which going to have lots of updates over time and therefore it is very important for me to find someone which I can come back to later and ask for more graphic work to be done.

When creating a logo for you agree to give us all rights to use it.

So what’s the reward? You’ll have your desired Minecraft server advertised somewhere on our site in the future. Where this advertisement placement will be I have not yet decided but you will of course gain a great benefit by it.

Send us your submission
Please use the comment form below to send in your submissions. Make sure you fill in the following details: Email, URL to the logo (upload it to, I’ll of course need a higher resolution later if I choose your logo). None of the comments will actually be accepted. It’s just an easy way for me to get your submission.

Thank you for helping MinePick!