Earn Money With Buycraft

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If you have a Minecraft server you may know that the server cost can get a bit pricey and that Minecraft is in general a more expensive game to host than other games. Therefore it may be important you to bring some sort of income from your site and we are here to tell you it is not impossible and it doesn’t require a large player base in order to make up for the money you spend on your hosting.

Buycraft Does the Job for You

Buycraft is the perfect solution for this. It is an external website you can use on your server. It is 100 % free and all you need is creating an account on their website and then you are good to go. Buycraft enables you the possibility to easily offer your players donation packages that can include whatever you have in mind. Buycraft handles purchase process for you and all you got to do is sit back, play Minecraft and receive your money.

Commands Automated

It is very easy to setup several different packages. You can offer anything from in-game money to diamonds. It’s simply done by you specifying what command you want to execute for the player as soon he is in-game. Say you would want to give three diamonds to a player when he purchases a package you could input something like this: “give [name] 264 3″.

Purchases Handled In-game

When someone decides to buy something on your server he simply types a command in chat and then all the packages you are offering shows up and he can choose what he wants to buy. He gets a link from the Minecraft server to click on or copy and once he visits it he can move forward and make the purchase through several different payment methods. Such as PayPal.

You get the idea? That’s how easy it is. If you want to use Buycraft we suggest you going to their official website here.