10 Incredible 3D Artworks in Minecraft

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The only limitation is your imagination is a known saying and in Minecraft this statement is very true. The game has created headlines in world known newspapers, forums, blogs and more because of the possibilities it has opened up to create, inspire and share imagination with other people simply through a video game. Now we will take a look at some of the most incredible and nice-looking 3D artworks created in the Minecraft game.

The creation is made by inthelittlewood and is inspired by the 2D puzzle game Fez. At first the idea was to only make it 2D but as he continued working on it he couldn’t resist from adding the extra layers to give it a 3D style. The outcome is, as you see, pretty incredible.

A creation made by MrD4nny submitted for a building contest on Planet Minecraft. The attention to detail is amazing and the dragon looks huge.

A solo build by Murps It features two huge dragons (only one shown in the image!) fighting each other. The creation is built as a snapshot of the detrimental collision of the two beasts.

An attacking snake created in World Edit by inHazed. It sure looks dangerous and quite frightening.

This is Smaug. A dragon from The Hobbit. It was created by BlackFortress. The main reason why this is a very beautiful Minecraft artwork is that it looks very lively and the color scheme is perfect.

A statue called Titan by Cephyr. The posture is a little bit similar to the statue of Atlas and the man holding the rock looks like Iron Man. All in all - a proud and powerful statue.

An other pompous statue by Cephyr.

Created by ClaycraftServer the same day (12/21/12) when the world was supposed to end (but didn’t luckily!).

A Ford Mustang recreated in the world of Minecraft by SherlingtonD. The outside of the car is just the start of an amazing artwork/creation. Inside the car you can turn the lights on and off and use right and left blinkers (made possible by Redstone).

Moment of Impact by Wooraah: A meteorite collides with earth.