Is There a Minecraft Free Trial? No, Even Better, There is a Demo

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At the very start when Minecraft first was released it was possible to play for free but then only on vanilla servers. These servers were very basic and didn’t offer any survival mode or any other type of awesome gamemodes we can play today. But to get to the point, yes there is a possibility for you to play the game and not paying a dime. You can download the demo from PCGamer’s site by clicking here.

Downsides with the free demo:
- 90 minutes limited playtime in worlds you create
- No multiplayer feature

As it’s only meant to be a demonstration of the game it doesn’t hold all things as the original game does. Two downsides are the fact you can’t play multiplayer on the demo which is one of the key things in Minecraft and after creating a world in-game you can only build in that world for 90 minutes before that world locks itself and you must create a new one in order to play.

Minecraft Gift Code - Get the game for free

If you want to get the game but still don’t want or can pay anything for it the only thing that’s going to be possible is getting a gift code from someone you know and then you can get the game for free. But that of course requires your friend to buy it first.

However, don’t worry. If you really want to play Minecraft it’s not that expensive and it’s a life time membership with free updates of the game. Notch even said himself in an interview that he didn’t like games with different sequels so it’s not likely there will be a Minecraft 2.

Notch Approves Piracy

It’s true. Someone asked Notch if he could get a free copy of the game because he didn’t have the money to buy the game. Notch replied he could pirate it and buy it later when he had the money and if he liked it. Don’t believe me, then look for yourself!

So yeah, guess that could be one option for you but really, it’s really worth supporting something as awesome as Minecraft by buying the game, but there’s always options for those who can’t.

Hopefully this answered your question!