Minecraft Hunger Games Maps

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Minecraft Hunger Games is a continously growing type of gameplay in Minecraft. The reason why is because it is very intense and fun. There is always something happening. Constantly you must keep on your toes and make sure not that no one have managed to sneak up behind you in an attempt to kill you.

Here we have gathered the most popular maps all available for free if you want to start a Hunger Games server or just play it with a couple of friends for fun.

Hunger Games Map v2.5.3

This map is probably the most popular one currently existing. The simple reason why is because it has more than 150000 downloads and has been played by Minecraft celebrities like CaptainSparklez and AntVenom. It has all features you will find on any high quality and popular hunger games server out there.

Download Hunger Games Map v2.5.3 - More Than 150000 Downloads - Played by CaptainSparklez & AntVenom

Middle Earth Hunger Games Map

This map is really big and the details are pretty insane. The creators have by no doubt put a lot of time and thinking into creating it. All in all it’s a fun map to play and well worth downloading.

Download Middle Earth Hunger Games Map

Do you know of any other Hunger Games maps which can be downloaded for free? Please send us an email and we will have a look.