Popular Minecraft Hunger Games Server Section

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Not long ago we opened up multiple new sections on MinePick. One of these which have gotten most popular the last week is the Hunger Games section. It’s really understandable because it sure is one unique and fun type of server to play on. However, not everyone is familiar with what it actually is and therefore I thought I would take some of my time to explain in this blog post what it is and how you can play it.

At the moment there are many different servers offering this type of gameplay. The amount of player slots on these servers therefore quite differs a bit. A tip we want to give you is to play on a server with at least 5 active players on. If not, it will grow boring unless the map is extremely small which usually isn’t the case.

The maps on Hunger Games servers are usually huge. The main reason for this is to give players the best chance of surviving for as long as possible. But an other good reason to why they can be huge is because on some of the most famous Hunger Games servers there are usually a good amount of players on at once and therefore having a larger map is just logic to make the match move smoothly without people bumping into each others every second.

As you probably understand Hunger Games servers are all about surviving. To survive you must kill other players, stay well fed, get better gear and always be cautious with other players as you can never be sure what their true intention is with their presence. If you manage to be the one last man or woman standing you can congratulate yourself as you are the one who won that Hunger Game.

As you progress throughout the games you will gain more points and your main goal is to get to the top of the ranking list. Each and every server got their own ranking list so when you earn points on one server you will only gain points on that very server and not any other.

Hunger Games is not all about earning points though. It’s also a great type of game in Minecraft to play together with your friends. Team up with your friends and take on other groups of enemies or mavericks in-game. Start play Minecraft Hunger Games today and stop miss out on the fun!