Small Minecraft Servers

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Few small Minecraft communities:

Joining smaller communities is very under rated. It is often a lot easier to become someone in such servers and usually the server is a bit more family friendly which means the hostility is often equal to zero.

There is absolutely a need for small Minecraft servers but reason why few good ones exist is that the good ones usually grow and become bigger servers. However, all doesn’t and the reason why they are hard to find is that most of these servers are not often found on the Minecraft server topsites (such as MinePick) and other places you are used at looking at.

Usually these servers consists of a few friends who set up a server and play for fun on and let others join if they like but usually that’s it and not much thinking to how the server going to stand out from other servers with different plugins and such are put in thought. They rather focus on the fun and create a small steady Minecraft server that consists of just great friends.

If you just want a small server to play on for free with your friends you can either set up your own server by following our tutorial on how to do this, or you can search servers in our toplist that doesn’t have many votes. Usually these servers are many pages back in the list and the easiest way would just be going to our topsite and look on the very last pages. Connect to some and see if you find something you like. The bad things about this optin is that your creations aren’t protected as a server admin or other players could join the server and remove/grief your buildings. So to be fully protected we recommend you create your own server for free.

To ease things up for you we have decided to find a few different smaller communities and post there here. We also urge you to contact us if you have your own small Minecraft server or know of any that you would like to have listed here.