Minecraft Downloads

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Dokucraft Texture Pack

Dokucraft consists of three different flavours you can choose from: light (happy), dark (yeah, dark) and high (gloomy). All of these are the same texture pack, the only difference is the color tones. It...

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oCd Texture Pack

The creator describes it as a disco-fied texture pack. In our eyes it is a simple, stylized and fun texture pack. Each and every texture got its own unique design, a very simple approach...

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ChristmasCraft Mod

Do you miss that cozy Christmas feeling or is it soon coming up? Why not download the ChristmasCraft mod which will enhance that feeling by far in Minecraft. Snow is everywhere, there are new...

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Custom NPC’s Mod

In this mod you can add NPC’s (non-player characters) to your world. There are many options to customize each NPC to give him its unique style and role.

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Weeping Angels Mod

Weeping Angels Mod add a new rare mob to the game. The spawn rate is very low (only 2%). The Weeping Angels are quite scary because when you look at them they will stand...

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Somnia Mod

Right now when you play Minecraft and decide to go to sleep the next day you wake up nothing in the world has really changed. This mod changes all that and makes the world...

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Sun’s Son Mod

This is a boss mod where your main purpose is to travel to the sun and ultimately eliminate the boss in order for you to get back. The mod will add many new items...