Our help page is divided in two different sections. These sections are: FAQ and Tutorials. On our FAQ page you can find common questions with answers. Please look there if you can find the help you need before contacting us directly. On our tutorial page you can find tutorials how to achive different things, such as installing Votifier on your server.


- Create A Minecraft Server
- Install Votifier
- Use Votifier on MinePick
- Create a Link to MinePick From Your Website


What is MinePick?
MinePick is a Rank Engine for Minecraft servers. We rank servers based on their general popularity.

How do I add my own server?
Simply click Add My Server in the top menu and fill out the form. Once that is done your server is automatically accepted to the server list if it fulfills all our requirements.

Can I choose not to display my port in my server connect address?
If you don't want to display your port you can simply remove it from your server information inside your account control panel, found here: It's recommended to show your port if your server address only consists of numbers. However, if it looks along these lines: then you usually don't need to display your port as a person can connect to it without typing the port.

Why was my server removed?
MinePick can remove your server from the Rank Engine without your consent but normally there is a good reason behind it. If you want to know the exact reason you can always try contacting us. Normally it's done because it breaks any of our rules.

How big can a server banner be?
The max upload size is 500 KB. There is no exact limit how many pixlars it can be, however, if you want the best look of it you should go for a banner no bigger than 500x45.

How to insert images to the server description?
At the moment you can't insert any images or videos to your server description. However, this is something we will support in the nearby future.

Why was my servers' votes reset?
To give new servers a fair advantage we once in awhile reset all servers votes. Normally we do this every month.

Can I add multiple servers I own?
Yes, you can. But keep in mind that one email address is tied to one server. This means you must use different email addresses for different servers.

How does the voting system work?
One person can vote on all servers each every 24 hours. Meaning, he can vote for server A once and then needs to wait until 24 hours have past until he can vote again for the same server. However, he can during these hours vote for other servers.

Can I change my server information?
Yes, you can change any information directly by logging into your account.