Minecraft Seeds

This seed generates an amazing collection of epic mountains. Mostly there are extreme mountains but you can also find overhanging hills and other goodies.
Three pack of horses.
When spawning you will see some large hills just straight ahead. If walking there you will soon notice some mushroom trees and a floating island.
Here you will find a larger mountain with two small caves. There is also a big chunk of islands surrounding the mountain and it\'s also on one of these islands you will first spawn. The terrain is shifting; there are some mushrooms trees and swampland nearby spawn. If you have a look inside one of the caves in the mountain you will find lava.
A small survival island. Got a nice flat area perfect for building a small house on.
You spawn in a thick forest. A few hundred blocks from spawn you will find a cool little island in a small lake. Close to the lake you will find majestic and quite impressive mountains forming together a place where a castle or similar would be very suitable to build.
In this seed you will spawn in an extreme hills landscape. It looks really awesome and closeby you will also find some lava and a hole leading straight down to the depths of Minecraft.
So aweseome mixed jungle with extremehills and desert,you can also find the flying tree near the spawn (X160,Z285) (Minecraft 1.5.2)
Unique ocean biome! You will start on a small island and closeby there\'s one smaller island. Go to southwest to get to the other island :D
You will spawn on the island displayed in the first image. Closeby there are at least two other islands of similar size. It\'s also said you will be able to find a mushroom island somewhere.
At spawn you will see a big displaced mountain in a lake. Close to this mountain there are loads of sheep and cows. If you walk backwards for a while you will come across some lava leading down to an underground tunnel.
In this seed you will find multiple biomes. But the main and the ones you will spawn closest to are plains and forest. Close to spawn there is a cool mountain. Kind of looks out of place but that just makes it look even better.
A nice river running through the canyon. It\'s really a nice introduction to what Minecraft 1.7.2 has to offer. A new biome which you soon will become more familiar with or maybe you have already if you have played 1.7.2 for a bit before.
In this seed you will spawn in a hole of a vulcano shaped mountain. It\'s really unique and not something you see often. Once getting out of the hole you will find some really cool shaped mountains closeby. You will also find a mountain of sand.
You start out in a forest and closeby you will find two floating islands along with some extreme hills.
Normally deserts are quite flat but this seed is very different. I found this huge pile of sand while flying around for a bit in the seed so it\'s pretty much required to teleport if you want to find it.
Like wolves? Then this seed is something for you. At spawn you will see at least two dogs. A bit further away (see coords below) you will find even more dogs.
As soon you spawn you will find yourself on an island. On the island you will find a cave with zombies, so watch out. Not far from island (approx. 100 metres) you can see a winter biome.
You will spawn on one side of a huge hill. Once getting up on the top of the hill you will see the surroundings are quite extreme because of its overhanging hills and steep mountains.
Two floating islands and a unique rectangular entrance of some kind.
You spawn out in the water but don\'t worry, land is just a few blocks away. Once you swim to land you will notice you are stranded on a very small island and close to the island there are two more islands in similar sizes.
In this Minecraft seed you will spawn on the only hilltop of a very cool island with lots of desirable things. The island is quite large but you can easily run around the island in less than a few minutes. A ravine and a cool underground tunnel can also be found quite easily.
In this seed you will spawn on a crossroad of two different biomes. One snowy biome and one mushroom biome. The mushroom biome is the one that really stands out here.
This Minecraft seed consists of three different types of cool areas. In the first area close where you spawn in the desert you will find a stronghold located underground. You will see it however since it\'s no sand covering it. It\'s like a hole straight down. The next area is an NPC village, also in the village. It\'s quite big and looks nice. And the last area is a jungle temple situated ...
This town shouldn\'t really be called an NPC village. Why? Because the town is teeming with horses. Well, I know NPC stands for non player character but still.. it\'s hell lot of horses and not the NPC\'s we are used to!
You spawn out in the ocean close to two small islands. One of the islands got a tree on it. It\'s really no mainland as far the eye can see. Perfect seed for those who like small islands.