FTM - Sky Factory 2

Awesome community, awesome players, and awesome staff.
We have a collection of FTB/ATL servers.


Direwolf20 1.7.10
IP: dw20.feedtheminecraft.com

Sky Factory 2
IP: sf.feedtheminecraft.com

The Dark Trilogy (being revamped)
IP: tdt.feedtheminecraft.com

To be sure we will have the best server possible, we are always looking at suggestions, and upgrading hardware to be the best possible.

Best regards
- Menphis88

If you have suggestions for the server, plugins, ranks, permissions etc, it will be on the website or by PM to Menphis. If you write it as a comment, it will be ignored. If your idea(s) is/are very good, you will maybe recieve a price in game. This price will be a secret, but it is either a economy gift or a material.

Stay Safe!