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GRX3 is a long established network started in 2013 and has grown to include several servers that insure quality gaming performance.

On Our Creative Plot Server
❤ 96x96 plots
❤ Economy that allows all users to get all features without paying real world money FREE!
❤ Now use your voting points for custom titles, permissions and more via shop or s command!
❤ 14 voting milestones and ranks to get with extra plots given for voting
❤ 8 explore adventure ranks to find
❤ 4 building ranks to work through
❤ All 24 ranks free to find as well as Several Donor Ranks, priced competitively Best prices in genre
❤ In-Game Marriage ❤
❤ Free Game-mode so you can switch out and PVP when you feel you want but be safe the rest of the time

X Safe Survival Land-Claim Server
❤ 12 unique quest ranks for you to complete, free to rank up.
❤ Only place you will find Pharaohs Parkour, some say the hardest puzzle in on MCSL.
❤ 5 Layered Arena with Leaderboards
❤ PVP tournaments
❤ Custom Snow Spleef
❤ Original server, we have many imitators, but this is the first and original.
❤ User Contributed Library and Shops
❤ Protection includes claims as well as rollback.
❤ PVP Allowed Outside Claims
❤ No Griefing. No Raiding.

We also have:
❤ Creative Freebuild
❤ SkyBlock
❤ SkyGrid
❤ Capture The Flag
❤ Vanilla Survival on Amplified Terrian
❤ and more .... come take a look

Teamspeak server:
More info on the website:
Community Forum:
Donor Shop:

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Thanks to all that donate to make this possible ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤