ProjectTowns RP Survival

What is ProjectTowns?
ProjectTowns is an RPG, Economy, Town-Building, PvP and PvE server all packed into one! All of the plugins here are custom-written by WiseHollow, the owner of ProjectTowns. The main unique features of PT areÖ

Player-Owned Towns: Players can save up money to purchase a Town-Chooser. Once a town is placed, only the owner can place/remove blocks from inside its boundaries. A town owner can place plot blocks to allow other players to become members of their town.
Custom-Equipment: Vanilla equipment is a thing of the past. ProjectTowns contains 600+ unique pieces of equipment, all suited with custom stats for an advanced combat system.
RPG Stats: Your character can be improved through gaining experience and leveling up! Gaining levels will allow you to improve your stats in weapons, armor, wood-cutting, running, and even crafting!
Crafting-System: Players in PT can craft the custom gear they find in the wild. The higher your level in crafting, the stronger the equipment you can craft will become.
Way-Points: A custom waypoint system allowing players to travel across the world by means of static way-point towers. Find a way-point and you can travel from it to any other way-point on the map in seconds.
Custom-Mobs: Mobs will spawn with custom gear to strengthen them in combat. Many mobs will have just as good of a chance of killing you as you do them. The further you travel from spawn, the stronger mobs will become.
Dungeons: Whatís an RPG server without dungeons to loot? PT contains multiple dungeons for players to team up and explore. Some are puzzles, while others are full-out combat scenarios, pushing players to their limits and rewarding them with rare and valuable equipment and items.
Improved Combat System: Fighting now requires energy. Some weapons require more than others to use. A player that runs out of energy will tire out, reducing their speed and combat effectiveness substantially. Luckily, there are energy potions that can be found or bought to restore a players lost energy supply, if they donít want to wait for it to refill with time.
Races: Play as one of three different races, each with different advantages and disadvantages! Play as a tough Ogre, a speedy Elf, or an adaptable Human!
Surface Mines: Need some basic ore? Visit one of the server-controlled towns and use a surface mine for limiteless basic ore. Mining requires energy so make sure to bring some Energy Vials if you want commit to long-term mining.