NationZ-Network is the home to several worlds each featuring their own world specific plugins,competitions and more.....

Join zombie nations to take part in the world apocalyptic fun with mass nightly world events and massive nightmare mode events for competitions weekly,how long can you survive? join the fight,take on the horde!

Or try out some Mcmmo fun at our medieval world FantasyRealm where you can even upgrade your horses as well as your own character,battle other players to survive and keep your loot safe from robbers and thiefs,

battle other players in our minigame world Dystopia( wip) fight for rewards and cash prizes!

each world also has its own warped nether....climb and dig throught the twisted creation, hunt for ruins to find treasure, climb and build in the mushroom forests and more!

or coming soon nightmare! a world where you really should fear the dark (think amnesia) become a vampire hunt to survive, or stay indoors scared...the choice is yours!

each world holds its own competitions wekly/monthly for rank give aways,player plugin adds and loads more!!!