arsenal mc

Welcome to ArsenalMC

Here at ArsenalMC, we provide an AMAZING PvP Experience. Make clans, join clans, and fight to be the best of the best. War and hatred will be made. Will you be a leader or a loyal follower? Will you be a murder or will you protect the good? What ever you choose,
ArsenalMC is the place for you.

One of the newest Factions server where you can find a great community.


- No Whitelist.
- 99.99% Uptime
- DDos Protected
- 6GB Ram Server
- Friendly Staff
[1] Always be respectful. [2] No hacked clients.[3] Use common sense.[4] No advertising.

Donating keeps our server up. All donations are going back to the server. With the donations, we can provide more gamemodes, more custom plugins, and better staff. When you donate you can receive awesome in-game ranks and get sweet perks and features.
Donating is not required but is greatly appreciated!