Apoc TPPI Server

APOC Gaming is a network of 12 minecraft servers. Yes 12!
We have every technic pack, bukkit, and are expanding into FTB and AT Launcher packs as well as our own custom modpack APOC Tech & RPG.

APOC servers are all dedicated servers running on octocore overclocked systems with only the best hardware. Our servers are also custom made for maximum performance. Our servers automatically clear entities, unload chunks, unload worlds not in use, shutdown machines not in use, and much more all while being multi-threaded and multi-core unlike normal servers that require bungeecord to have a server for each world just to manage the load.

We have many of your favorite plugins such as factions, lwc, essentials, griefprevention, mcmmo, and our own custom made apoc plugins for a total of 50 plugins per server.

We also have player shop plots in our spawn free for anyone to buy and own/build their own shop for as low as $10,000 economy!

Fully operational admin shops with everything you could ask for, and mini games to pass the time with your friends!

So come join APOC Gaming and join a network of choices not restrictions, with 12 servers to choose from you will never be bored here!