DatCraft Pixelmon Gaming 1.7.10 [3.4.0]

We are a pixelmon server that runs completely off donations

We have gyms, Elite four, Self-made gyms, VIPslots, MiniGames, PixelArenas, and many other things

Some events we have are Fossil Find, Legendary Scope, Shiny Palaza, and many other fun things

We hope you enjoy your stay!

Website: DatCraft.net

More Info:

Special Commands:
/shop command
/vote command

Gyms are based off of Pokemon Emerald and some of the other pokemon related games. We hope you enjoy fighting them!

Special Info:
We have youtube ranks and twitch ranks
We try our best to welcome new players everyday
We try to make your overall experience on DatCraft great. :)

Welcome new player! Lets begin with what DatCraft provides you the player for fun, besides the normal Pixelmon Experience:

/dw add (1-6) (WonderTrade) (Happens every 30 minutes)!
./dw time
.And more coming soon!

Npc Gyms (1-8)
Player made Gyms (1-Unlimited)

/shop for so many different types of shops
./warp Shop for Pixelmon Items
./warp Moltres for Moltres Shrine
./warp Zapdos for Zapdos Shrine
./warp Articuno for Articuno Shrine

Mystery Boxes:
./warp MysteryBox (Takes you to the place that shows you have to craft a MysteryBox!)

Amazing Voting Rewards:
1. x2 Rare Candies
2. $10,000
3. x6 Pokeballs
4. x12 Ultraballs
5. x1 Point
6. 1/10 chance to get an extra 4 Rare Candies
7. 1/50 chance to get an extra 10 Rare Candies
8. 1/100 chance to get a Masterball
9. 1/1000 chance to get a Random Legendary
10. 1/10000 chance to get a Random Shiny Legendary

Elite Four:
./warp Elite4 (If you win you become the Champion)

Used to protect your homes (Use a golden shovel)

Easter Eggs:
Pokeloot hidden all over the place at spawn

And there is much more than this, in a sense, is a small summary of what you can do on DatCraft. There is so much more than this and we are waiting for you to come join us and have a great time! See you than.