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server 106
  5   385   11/15/2012  

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- PvP Arenas - Mob Arenas -Official Survival Games Maps - McMMO - Custom plugins - Economy - Server and player owned chest shops - Jobs - Chest protection -

McBadgerCraft is a relatively new minecraft server. Our server has 4GB of RAM, with scheduled backups and 75 player slots. Please feel free to join our community and please do ask us any questions that the website doesn’t answer for you. Our staff are friendly and approachable so ask away.

McBadgerCraft is a mixed server - we have elements of Player vs Environment (you can protect your items from thieves and griefers, protect your land and you are able to buy and sell items) Player Vs Player (we have areas where pvp is enabled and you are able to raid others) and MMO/RPG (we have MCMMO on which allows you to gain skills and special abilities).

Whilst the server may have four official founders, it is you the community that will make the server. We want you to get involved as much as possible - We want to hear your opinions and ideas. You have a voice so please use it - Share your thoughts on the forum as much as possible.