Royal Rebels

Hello rebels!

Welcome to a new era. We hope you are all very excited for what lies ahead.

The setting is medieval Europe. Four highly motivated and highly powerful individuals are upset with their regime. They decide that it is time to seceed. Their escape from England\'s regime has led them to a new, undiscovered expanse of land. They decide to name this new land New Hampton.

Now, they need help setting up a brand new country, starting with a few tools, and a small amount of rations. That is where you come in! We are shuttling citizens of England who aspirefor a new chance at life out to New Hampton at no cost to you. All we ask if that you help us recreate a thriving regime that will one day overthrow England.


New Hampton Founders

Hey all,

We are starting a new roleplay-driven server where you play as a rebel who just arrived in a new land called New Hampton, formed by 4 extremely experienced Minecraft players and server owners, who have been in the business and ran a successful server for 4 years straight. Life and a much-needed break from Minecraft got in the way, but we are ready to start a new adventure - Royal Rebels.

This project features progressional gameplay - we are hoping that this will reinforce a social environment, something that we have strived for in the past. By progressional gameplay, we mean the following:

The server is starting out as barebones as possible. The only plugins on the server are admin tools and grief prevention plugins, and a couple plugins to improve the overall experience. We also feature dynmap, and all players were taught a small amount of teleportation magic on the ride to New Hampton. The idea behind this is that players will fund materials to the main rebel camp, which will result in new structures, and the ability to research improvements to the country as a whole.

A couple examples include funding sticks and animals to the camp, and in return the players will be able to research (with more materials), the ability to tame pets and the ability to catch pets in eggs. After a stable is built, horses will gain skills and the ability to teleport with their owner.

We have many different ideas lined up to add lots of features to the server, but we can\'t do this without the help from players on the server. The more players we have, the more likely we will be to continue adding more features to the camp and the server.

As time goes on, when we feel the rebel camp is nearing completion, we plan on adding PvP elements to the server, in the form of zone-based faction gameplay (no individual\'s structures will be harmed when this phase starts). We plan on having England invade New Hampton, first through the use of NPCs, and then splitting the server apart into English and New Hampton factions. No one will be forced to leave New Hampton for England, so even if no one swaps over, the English faction will be entirely NPC controlled.

This is just the beginning - we have many plans for the future and are looking forward to seeing this server grow around a very original idea. For now, enlistment is totally open and there are no whitelists - but this may added in the future if we see growth at an exponential rate.

We would like to point out that all players can opt out of this roleplay experience - this is completely optional! If you are looking for a fun survival server to play on with friends, we will provide just as well to you. We feature WorldGuard and LogBlock to protect your structures, and you can build without limit.

The IP is