* Now Hardly Any Banned Items *
(Restrictions on Certain Items in Certain Worlds Encourage Use of ALL Worlds)

* OVERWORLD Has Safest Protections In Tekkit *

Start Playing DreamCraft At:

DreamSpeak (TS3): DreamCrafters2015.enjinvoice.com


* GREAT SERVER For Players New to Tekkit *

Small Friendly Community: 35 Slots
Banned/Restricted Items Listed on the Website

DreamCraft: One World - Several Lands
Dream - Main World - Protection is Towny - NO Resets - NO Mining - NO Destructive Items - NO Building in the Wild - NO PvP
Resource World - /Warp Resource - NO Protections (Forcefields Allowed) - Resets MONTHLY - MINING - Limited Destructive Items - Short Term Building Permitted - PvP Enabled
Extreme Dream - /Warp Extreme - NO Protections (Forcefields Allowed) - Resets Approximately Every 6 Months - ComputerCraft & Atomic Science Enabled - Weapons and Destructive Items Banned Elsewhere Are Permitted in Extreme - Build (but Hide) - PvP Enabled

ChestShop: For Players to Buy & Sell
ChestShop Notifier: For Monitoring Transactions
PvP Logger: Once You Engage - FINISH!
Lift: For Places to Small for Stairs
MCJobs: Customized For Tekkit
PlayerHeads: Chance of Beheading and Take 25% Loot
Lottery: Every Two Hours
Brewery: For Fun Beverages
BankCraft: A Place to Protect Some $
TreasureHunt: A Little Adventure

Adventure Awaits - Places to Visit - Secrets - Hide Away and Build Alone or Join DreamCraft's Community