Mystical PVP

Mystical PVP

Mystical-PVP IS 1.7 mechanics and 1.8 Compatible! Some come join us with awesome servers, and even more awesome players like yourself!

We have Normal Factions, OP Factions, Hardcore Factions, OP Prison, Cannoning and more!

OP/Normal Factions Desription:

MC.MYSTICALPVP.COM is not an ordinary server. This server has been designed to be enjoyed by anyone who strives to be the best. With our competitive community and very balanced economy you're guaranteed to have a good time. We take pride in knowing that we've been the first to design and use some of the most popular plugins used throughout the Minecraft! Were not run by just a staff team, it is run by a group of experienced players that know what the community really wants for the server. We're dedicated to bring you the most enjoyable Minecraft experience as possible and we hope you would join us. Come Join Us:


We also have monthly events:

Defend The Castle

Last Man Standing

Drop Parties

King of The Hill


PVP Events