SlimeyPlayz Server

Before joining, we want to let you know that we are a child-friendly server so cussing is strictly forbidden. Thanks!

So I am a server owner who wants to make a nice community for players all around. It would mean a ton if you could get on and help us out. Thanks! We are not accepting staff members currently so please do not ask. We have Paintball, Creative, Survival, SkyBlock, and Parkour. I (the owner) plan to add Factions and Prison in the coming days. Paintball currently only has 1 The Creative world has plots that are 101x101 blocks. New Creative worlds (Creative2 and Creative3) have been released! Creative2 is 201x201 plots and Creative3 was recently reset and is now 301x301. We have just recently released Creative4. This world is 401x401 plots and is HUGE. In skyblock we have 3 types of islands. One normal, one duo, and one mystery. The parkour world is still a WIP and has 2 maps and 1 tutorial. We have added minigames! So far its DeathRun, Splegg, and Spleef. We are working on SkyWars, BedWars, OneInTheQuiver, and even OneInTheChamber! Come check it all out!