Server ID #115 - [*] iPwnAge [1.4.6] [Semi-Creative] [Ranks] [24/7] [Kits]

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server 115
  11   258   11/26/2012  

Welcome all to iPwnAge, the server where your imagination can go wild. We provide kits you can use to build infinite amounts of projects, safe from griefers and anyone else who can ruin your day. When it turns night, however, be sure to protect yourself, that skeleton knows where you are! The server is running Bukkit with iConomy, WorldGuard, LWC, and many, many more plugins. All of this on a dedicated server to ensure lag is non-existant.

Some neat features of iPwnAge

-No lag: 26ms ping from NY to CA
-Anti-Griefing measures with WorldGuard, LWC, NoCheat, and WorldEdit
-iConomy with a loophole free setup.
-SpawnCity Metro, a minecart-based subway system to all parts of the map.
-Endless possibilites of creations, we give you unlimited access to kits that contain full diamond, stone, wood, grass, glass, and more!
-A mod team ready to help clear up situations and make sure wannabe-griefers know their place.
-A website dedicated to the server with daily updates, screenshots, and fun tidbits.

Just a few rules, however.

-Griefing and stealing are NOT allowed. Anyone suspected of it will be permanently banned.
-Do NOT ask mods/admins for items/mobs/etc. We provide plenty of useful kits.
-Extremely obscene and/or grotesque actions are frowned upon.
-Use of TNT, water buckets, lava buckets, and flint & steel will result in a warning, then a ban if continued.
-Typing in all caps, being annoying and/or a dick could possibly result in a ban or mute, depending on the severity.
-Hacks/mods or whatever you wish to call them are NOT allowed and will result in a ban. This also includes flying.

So please, come join us! There is no whitelist or signup required. Come one, come all!