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server 131
  15   162   12/07/2020  

Welcome to Empire Hostings Minecraft server.

Named - Empire of Shadows(aka MCEmpire)

We like to focus on making a fun environment for our users.
We have a Faction/Survival world, a Survival world, and a Creative world.
We have many plugins to enhance your experience.
We allow flying in all worlds but the Faction world.
We do not allow hacked clients.
You can also visit our forum at [url=][/url]


Hoth - This is our main Faction world. Survival.
Tatooine4 - This is our new creative world.
Geonosis - This is our new main survival world(if your looking for a non-pvp survival).
Naboo - A new player built city world. There will be several cities on this world. Currently there is one rather large city and payers are welcome to help build on to it.
Endor - This is a creative world with normaly generated land(not flat). This world is only available to builders+
Coruscant - This is a city generated world, PVP as well as TNT are enabled on this world.

All worlds use separate inventories and permissions.

All worlds have protection. LogBlock can help us roll back any damage created by griefers. A full list of plugins will be listed very soon.

Factions - One of the core plugins of our server.
MCMMO - MCMMO is a plugin that adds a new aspect to the server. This adds different skill that can be leveled for extra bonuses. However we have disabled the pvp aspects to even out pvp some.
Gods - This plugin allows you to create a religion that can do alot of cool things. If you have a priest in your religion you can bless people which gives them buffs, or curse them which will spawn monsters on them.
PVP Arena - This allows you to play different types of pvp matches like Capture the flag or free for all.

We have a Donator rank that adds a few perks to make your time here a little more fun as well. You can find details here -;=254#p832
We use MCBans as well.

Server is hosted by