Riven's Oasis

Riven's Oasis, founded June 4, 2016
By Riv6n, BigViking, Antagonism, Mockingjay912
Official Discord/Empire of Noxus Discord: https://discord.gg/c9xG49b

(No, this site/server isn't for LoL Riven account boosting)

• Creative plots
• Freebuild (RP, application only)
• Factions
• Skyblock (Summer 2017)
• Swearing and advertising permitted
• Completely free. If you know me in person that's how you can donate otherwise I have no donation link. ;)
• Will always be less than 100 slots, even years from now and when I make the switch to IBM POWER9 dedicated.

- - Servers - -

Alternate Universe (Freebuild):

The year is 2068. The Earth is chiefly dominated by three states: the Kingdom of Blodfjell, the Kingdom of Ionia, and the Empire of Noxus. The population of the world is around 14 billion, and tensions in the world have never been higher.

Alternate Universe (AU) draws heavily upon some of the states/factions of League of Legends, uses the real-world Earth, draws on some real world conflicts and wars, and is inspired by many other fictional stories. The basic lore of the factions from League more or less form the foundation of AU because me, Riven#2085, aligns strongly with Noxus, 걸레#7469, aligns strongly with Ionia, and Daddy#4306, aligns strongly with Demacia (Blodfjell is a union between Demacia, Piltover, and Freljord).

Creative Plotworld:

If you just want to build and talk to others, feel free to build here.
- Vote on 1 site for 6 hours of unrestricted, full WorldEdit (minus /download, //cs, and //schem)
- Start off with 4x 101x101 plots
- /p merge is default

Coming June - Skyblock Economy and Survival