Riven's Universe

Riven's Universe, founded June 4, 2016
by riv6n
Official Riven's Universe Discord:
Contact: @Akeki Jinsai#4444

What we have:
• Creative plots - 101x101
• Freebuild (RP, whitelisted, application only)
• Custom OTG survival
• 1st amendment friendly
• Completely free - I can pay for this server forever without donations
• Will always be less than 100 slots regardless of what kind of dedicated hardware I'm on

- - Servers - -

Alternate Universe (Freebuild):

Three major nations rule the solar system: Blodfjell, Toukai, and Noxus. Since the Great Nuclear War of 2068, Blodfjell has virtually taken over the entire Earth, and Noxus, the belligerent, has been almost completely kicked off of the Earth, except for a consulate in Durban, the former administrative capital of Noxus.

Creative Plotworld:

If you just want to build and talk to others, feel free to build here.
- Vote on 1 site for 6 hours of unrestricted, full WorldEdit (minus /download, //cs, and //schem)
- Start off with 4x 101x101 plots
- /p merge is default

Coming Summer 2018 - Survival