We are a Pixelmon server currently running version 3.5.1, and striving towards dedicated staff, quality gym leaders, and imaginative creations alike, we intend on trying to give you the best experience that you can from a Pixelmon server!

Upon joining, we have shiny starters, a trainers manual, crates, monthly promotions, a warp system for server builds, and a player warp system for player made builds.

Start your adventure right away by doing “/kit trainer' and then doing “/warp wild' or “/warp safari'. Along with having your own pixelmon adventure we added many things to keep you busy such as playtime rankups, crates, marriage, mcMMO, player vaults and more! We have wonderfully friendly staff and are always seeking Helpers.

Our main focus on being the best we can at customer service and creating and engaging community. We have slowly been introducing new content to the server. Some of our proud introductions includes the ability to buy donator rank with in-game cash, mini event treasure hunt, mazes, and the player warp system. This month’s promotion is dedicated towards builders. We are giving free claim blocks for lots of different ways!

Our server isn't perfect and we try our best to make your experience the best as we can. I hope that you give us a chance to see what we have to offer! The only thing I can promise is that you will find our community to be a peaceful environment for you to make new friends.

Please come check us out to join the fun!

Hope to see you around!
[Owner]Pinguin101 & [Owner]_Nightmaric_