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server 144
  6   384   12/14/2012  

Welcome to Cubiville, a modern minecraft server. Modern in it's setup and building structures around spawn.
On cubiville you'll experince minecraft like never before. With over 30 plugins installed our setup is quite diffrent from
most servers.

The server is on normal difficulty, but still not for the faint hearted. If you want to make it in Cubiville, you need
combat skills as well as common sense. A lot on our server is build on economy. Sure you can play like you normally would,
but the more money you have, the easier your life in cubiville will be. We also made sure there are several ways to earn money.

We have a huge mall where you can buy and sell items, and we run the famous chestshop
plugin that allows players to buy and sell goods 24/7, online or offline.

Cubiville has a ranked based system. The more you play, the higher a rank you'll get. There are currently 5 diffrent ranks
all with diffrent permissions and perks.

Protecting your lot and house is as easy as placing a block, and bam it's protected. Protection stones allows you to create and move
protections simply by placing blocks. All players will get a protection stone, and can buy more if needed.
If for some reason you have unprotected land, and get griefed, fear not, cause we used advanced logging tools, and will be able to
see who did it, and do a rollback.
Your chests are locked as soon as you place them. You can chose to remove this lock but it's not advised. You can always give your friends access to the them.

We know some people love pvp and some just hate it. We taken this in to consideration and think we found the perfect
First of all you can toggle pvp on and off. So if you don't like getting attacted while mining, just disable pvp with a
simple command. If you disable pvp, you can't attact others, so it works both ways :)
Further more we have one of the best and most complex pvp arenas around. It's all automated, so join the fight soldier !

Our goal is to be diffrent in every way we can. This also include our player database. We are a mature server, but
everybody is welcome to join. I have a says that goes "If you act like you're 10 years old, expect to treated that way"
In other words, we do not tollerate kids spamming the chat with BS. They will be booted pretty fast.

I could go on and on about the server, the plugins and how it's setup, but I think it's time for you to come and have a
We have room for 52 players, running on a 16 GB Dedicated server (That means we do not share our server with others)
im France.

if you enjoy a good challenge, I suggest you try our server.
Join Cubiville at and be sure to visit our website at