★LOTG Network★ ‘Now Hiring’ Factions & OP Prison

Welcome to LOTG's server profile page!

We are a young network that is growing at an outstanding rate and we would like to invite you to join us and our growing community! Currently we have two types of servers you can choose from, OP Factions and OP Prison, will be adding a fast MineZ server in the up coming weeks! So look out for that

With Diablo Drops at the heart of our Faction server it makes over-powered weapons come to life and our custom God items the most coveted and sought after items in our game! The Faction server is very well balanced in the aspect of griefing, we have made it nearly impossible to level your rival Faction. All damage that has been done with TNT or any other type of explosions heal after a given amount of time, giving you enough time to get in and out with all the loot you need. We also use lockette to help protect your items against rival Factions or a snoopy faction members, but they can be lock picked!

Our newly minted OP Prison is off to a great start! We have over 52 ranks that you can earn by ranking up in game. There is plenty of satisfying mines to keep you busy for hours! We are also working on some mini games within the OP Prison server to keep you busy and to help you spend your riches while earning some on the side!