Crafter's Academy

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Explore a huge beautiful, custom world rich with towering trees and dense foliage. The world’s biomes range from lush forests to dry, arid deserts. All custom made for our server.

Level up your character as you battle, craft and harvest your way to the top with the Heroes plugin. Coupled with the MagicSpells plugin we were able to create fully unique abilities. Each class has their very own playstyle but also their own restrictions.

Collect epic loot! There are over 200 rare, custom items for you to collect. Most with their own unique abilities and all that can be dropped from certain mobs. Think you can find the rarest weapon?

Earn money by choosing a profession and starting up your own town. You can generate cash by constructing certain buildings and expanding your little hamlet into a massive metropolis.

- Custom biomes
- Prestige classes
- Unique skills and spells
- Build in a massive, beautiful world
- Be a part of our friendly community