EternalCraft 1.12

Hello User we invite you to join our server, we have Survival, Creative, and More to come.
You can go on your own or join a friend!

No Greifing.
No Raiding Unless the user you are raiding is online.
No Hacking, it will resualt in a ban from 24 hours to perm.
Please keep Swearing at a minimum.
Do Not over use CAPS.

If you want to become a Mod or Admin you can ask in our Discord server, but you must have experience with plugins not just vanilla commands!

Server is still a work in progress, if you have any issues report them to Mods, you can use /report Killerkid03 (ISSUE).

Version 1.12

Discord: w4w3aCW

Thanks For Your Time!

We hope you check out our server!