Immortal Kindred Network

Welcome to the Immortal Kindred Network!
Now offering ACID ISLANDS, CREATIVE and a RPG Survival experience, with vampires, werewolves, hunters and humans.

Immortal Kindred is a server, unlike many others.

It is a bungee server, offering survival and acid islands.

Owner is active, and listens to the players. We have votes on major changes to the server, rather than staff making decisions without consultations.

Survival is RPG based: vampires, werewolves (including werewolf disguises when transforming on the full moon), hunters and humans. These are the classes you choose from. Ranks are offered starting with point based choices, and vary according to your chosen class. We also have slimefun, mcmmo, Jobs, shops, towns are developing, and claims form the first line of our no griefing rule. Keep inventory is on in all survival worlds.

Acid Islands is a skyblock variation. You start with a choice from two types of islands.... be careful. If you fall in the water, you will die an instant, painful death. And anything in your inventory will be lost (unless they are soul bound items). If this isnt bad enough... stay out of the rain, rain is also acid. You wont die as quick, but you better take shelter quickly. On acid Islands, we also have slimefun, greenhouses, and minishops (citizens), challenges to help you get resources, magic cobble gen, and our favourite plugin, Magic. Learn magic spells, craft your wands or your wizardly robes.

Most of all, have some fun on our servers. Hope to see you all soon.