KingCraft is a mature, no greifing, and no raiding survival server which also incorporates a few other worlds for players to use. We have a SkyBlock world which uses the uSkyblock plugin in hand with our own custom build SkyBlock Island for the most fun possible! We then have the Creative world which uses the PlotMe plugin in order to make a fun grief-free experience for you and your friends, you begin with 1 plot, but more can be obtained via donation ranks. Next up we have the minigames world which contains a parkour map, Mob Arena, ColourMatch and Quicksand, Providing a fun way to take a break from building and surviving in the other worlds. Finally we come back around to the main survival world; this world includes several player built villages and is no grief plus everything else you would expect from a survival world.
On the server currently we have a set of 5 ranks only obtainable via donations:
Villager: The villager rank can join the server when it is full, keep their XP on death and have access to the commands: /feed /hat /workbench /seen and 2 Plots in Creative world! On top of all that they will get a new prefix of [Villager], receive 32 Diamonds and $15,000 In-game cash!
Knight: The Knight rank has everything Villager has plus WorldEdit Compass, for super jumping, /tree, /book. On top of that you get the prefix [Knight], $25,000 in-game cash and 64 diamonds
God: The God rank has all the powers Villager and Knight has plus /heal, /enderchest, /spawner and /bigtree. On top of that, you get a new prefix, [God], $30.000 in-game cash. 64 Diamonds and 5 mob spawners and 3 plots in creative!
Elite: The Elite rank has all the powers of Villager, Knight and God as well as the ability to use colours in chat and signs, have unlimited homes and use /repair and /depth. On top of all that you get the prefix [Elite] 64 diamonds, 10 mob spawners and $40,000 in-game.
King: The King rank is the master of all ranks! It has all the powers of the other donation ranks as well as /me, /weather, /tppos and /fly! On top of all that you also get the prefix [King], 128 Diamonds, 20 mob spawners and $50,000 in-game cash plus 5 plots in creative world!
For any more info visit our website
I hope to see you soon :)