MineALot is an established server that's community driven and always striving to give our members the best experience! We currently have 6 playable servers all linked together with 1 hub server. Come join us and find out why all of our members love MineALot! Test your PVP skills by joining a faction and rising to power or fighting to your death. Move into a town, create your own paradise or live alone in the wild and survive the nights in the survival server. Be the best in the Skyblock server and create a beautiful masterpiece in the sky. Head over to the spleef server for the original minecraft mini-game and see if you can be the last one standing. Outwit and outplay your fellow minecrafters on the hunger games server. Fly over to creative and create a show case build to join our build team. More ways to play to come soon!

We have a 120 slot team speak server for all MineALot members! IP ts3.minealot.com