Coffecraft [ INFAMY ]

Welcome to coffecraft, where we strive to give our players the best server experience ever.
At the moment, we have NO banned items!
Why us? At coffecraft, we strive to give you the best experience you can ever have, meaning we work as hard as possible to make sure you have everything you'd want, it could be anti greif, to be on the staff team(You can apply), or you have a quick question about anything that ever happend. We pick the best staff members out of our applications you send in.The staff team is active, fun to be around not strict like some, not lazy at all meaning you have a question you are going to get the best answer they can give you, and lastly helpful, they can fix almost any problem, answer any question, and most other things you could think of! We are also working on A LOT of new features so stay tuned for that! :)