Minegusta 24/7 No lagg Werewolves Vampires Magic Skyblock


Welcome to Minegusta! The server is hosted 24/7 Without lag.

Plots, Survival, and Skyblock


The rules are quite simple:
-Use common sence, be friendly.
-In the survival world, griefing is allowed if you haven't claimed the land for your faction.

The survival world:
We use many plugins like werewolves, magic and vampires. Theres the option to create your own religion, get a priest and sacrafice items and go on quests for your god. Pvp is allowed on this world. There's also factions with faction mobs. Griefing is allowed.

The Freebuild world:
This is basically just a world for the creative people. We have a plot plugin installed so you can easily build on flat, protected land.

The Skyblock world:
Our current new world, Skyblock. use /island to get your very own island and craft recources to survive as long as possible!

See them here: www.minegusta.com/plugins.html

See our website for more info! www.minegusta.com
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