Base 13

Base 13 Big is a custom mod pack for use in the Technic launcher. We have put together some of our favorite mods to geek out on, and threw in some adventure elements just to make it challenging!

We are a growing adult and mature community with great staff who love to joke, help out and have fun. Immature players are not tolerated.

For those who like technology, we have BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft, Applied Energistics, Thermal Expansion, Mine Factory Reloaded and Mekanism. For us nerds, we have Forestry and MineChem, and for the artsy types we have BiblioCraft, Chisel, Natura, ExtraBiomesXL, Magical Crops, Pam's Weee Flowers and Useful Food.
For those with a calling for adventure, we have MoCreatures, Better Dungeons, Dungeon Pack and Twilight Forest.

There is truly something for everyone on Base 13!

PvP is on, but not abused by our players. It is on so we can give each other a friendly smack, for consensual PvP, and to make battling in close quarters more dangerous.

Our rules are simple... DON'T GRIEF! This includes the server, other players, stealing, abusive chat etc.

In order to provide our players with the best lag-free experience possible our server runs on excellent dedicated hardware in a reputable data-centre.

Guests are welcome to chat with us and can roam freely to take in the sights. Build rights can be obtained by filling a quick application on our website.

To obtain our Mod Pack, click on add mod pack in your Technic Launcher, and paste this url in:

We do not wish to become a 500 slot server. We just strive to be a great place to hang out.