Royal Peak Prison

The server Royal Peak is a great server where you use the mines for collecting resources and sell them for money, once you are at a certain amount of money, you start at rank A and move to Rank B, Rank C, Rank D Etc. And the players on the server are very nice and friendly as well. This server is fun and I would Really recommend this!

Here Are some review from playes that play on the server: Link75 - Admin - Well, where do i start. is the best server Ive ever played on. With that said the owner is what makes it great due to his great configuration and staff management. Other players are great and listen when told. Other are punished and learn Their lessons. With that said the staff is amazing and cant get any better. The plugins keep everything in order. I think the server is awsome and the more the improvements the better it gets.

captinsplash - well um the server tought me alot of things and im very greatful and cool. By captinsplash, I like this server and everyone i know, Thanks Harmanjit102.

CaptainKyle - This server is fun to play on, I like all the people here, Thank You!

Thank You and I hope that you come on this server, Thank You!