Darkhaven Minecraft

Darkhaven Minecraft is a dedicated US server based out of New York. We have a small, close knit community that has grown over the years. Many people found us years ago and still game with us. We pride ourselves on our mature staff and community. Harrassment and rudeness to our players and in chat will not be tolerated as our Mod team keeps it clean.

Darkhaven offers a play style that fits anyone. You may take part in building your own community away from others, find a player created community and share in the resources and goodies it offers, or move into one of the cities in Darkhaven and take advantage of city markets, gardens, and arenas. We try to run one event a week and offer prizes for doing so.

Darkhaven has a strict rule set. Griefing, harrassment, hacking, or general misbehavior will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. We offer a tier punishment hierarchy and do not ban outright, only as a last resort.

Darkhaven also provides some benefits to regular members that most servers don't, such as /tpa and nicknames. Care to check us out? Simply logon and give us a shot. We don't whitelist and we don't require applications as guests can build freely. Once you join our Enjin site and attach your character, you will gain access to membership benefits.