Crack Pack 1.6.4 | A New 24/7 Dedicated Server|GriefPrevention|Bukkit|KeepInventoryPVP

#A very new server all about the players, all are welcome to join in play some survival and have some friendly pvp fun

No creative mode even staff play survival.

1. No griefing
2. No chat Spam/advertisments
3. No spawn kills
4. Respect fellow players
5. No hacks/exploits/glitches
6. No Asking for Items, OP, or Creative Mode
7. No Caps

Since the server is new player slots will be around 20-50 depending on server performance i have tested it hard just not with a large amount of players yet.

We hope to see you in game, Please do not ever hesitate to ask any of the staff for help, we are here to make sure your experience on our server are the best you can receive anywhere!

We always welcome new players! Our active staff and with your help we can build a great friendly community and that will surely convince you that this will be the last server you will need.

I want to build this server around the players so be sure to leave some feed back.

Thank you! If you have any questions or need help please let us know, we try our best to keep everyone happy and having fun! Make sure to visit our website @