Creation Nation

Creation Nation, the Minecraft server which is out of this world!

Creation Nation is no ordinary server. You will find no tiny plots. You will find no constant messages asking you to donate for even basic features. You will find no rude staff members, who are waiting for the slightest excuse to ban you "for the lolz".

What you will find, is a fully functional, 24/7 , always up (Uptime is currently at 99.8%) , massive plotted, friendly staffed, WorldEdit enabled , fully backed up and fully featured creative community, who are always looking to meet new people and make new friends.

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What we offer:

Huge 256 X 256 plots
WorldEdit for every player
Awesome perks and features, such as DisguiseCraft, absolutely free!
Four servers (Creative, Vanilla, SkyWars, SurvivalGames)
Low latency and great uptime
Welcoming community and community forums

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