AvionicMC PVP

✦ Factions- Create your own faction/clan and conquer others to become the most powerful.
✦ mcMMO- Everytime you do something such as mine your get special EXP to help you get more powerful but not overpowered.
✦ Creative- Plan out your base before you even build it
✦ Timed Ranks- We belive if you play on the server long enough you should get rewarded with ranks.
✦ Pets and Trails- Have a little more fun with pets, you get more pets as you rank up with timed ranks or by donating
✦ Crates- Voting gives you chances of getting crates, but you might get air so test your luck.
✦ Lottery- If you think your lucky come join our lottery and see if you can win it.
✦ Auction- Think you have a better price for an item sell it in the auction

About us:
We were born 3 months ago as a small little factions server (which I thought was going to be small) but the first day I advertise many different players joined the server and they still play today. I decided to make the server appealing by offering donors and non-donors a very different factions experience that they might not have gotten somewhere else. What are you waiting for come on the server and enjoy!

Voting & Donating & Fourms:
- Click that Diamond button to get 10k and when your on the server do /mail send C0lA_K1nG Diamond!
- Vote now with the button that says "Vote for them as a Top Server" to get 3 TNT and Obsidian, an mcMMO refresh, $1,250 EXP, 5 Tokens, and 100 EXP when you login
- Donate to help keep the server going @ www.avionicmc.net/shop
- Talk with our community and make new friends even if you don't play @

Don't join to leave or join for staff

Hop on and look at the server for yourself