MCSL- Mcskylands

Welcome to, an awesome Multiworld Server! Currently running 1.7.9

- Survival Pvp world!
- Skyblock
- Generate your own Survival Island with ores and animals!
- Have Island Parties of up to 4 players!
- Nether enabled!
- Huge Donator area including a Donator shop with xp grinder and a Donator mine to mine with Ores!
- Creative available in its own world for those who hate to wait for blocks!
- Play our awesome MINIGAMES hosted in a world of their own
- Spleef, LMS and Parkour! Get rewards if you win!
- Purchase items in the shop with your starting $1000 to help you survive on your island :P
- In game Tickets Support System
- Awesome voting rewards!
- Awesome Donator Kits
- island shops, jobs, auctions and much much more!